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Updated February 28th, 2015


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pensados-2 is the holy grail of the mixing world. World class mixers, engineers and producers tell it all. Weekly updates, in-depth analysis, simply all you could ask for as a mixer and producer!

Disc media is a specialist for DVD, BlueRay, CD, USB Stick etc. media production and duplication.

berock minizine is a great site for everyone into melodic rock, hard rock, AOR. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. is the #1 site for the melodic rock, hard rock, AOR fan on the net..


Rockshop is the #1 music equipment retail & online shop in Karlsruhe and one of the best in Germany.

Two_Notes_couleur_with_text_350 is one of Sven’s favorite manufactorer of musical equipment, especially the digital loadbox Torpedo LIVE.

Artist pages

The official web site of Sven including music, videos and pictures for his different musical endeavours.

shoremusic_sven_logo_400 Magnus  Brandell is  a professional drummer from Järfälla, Sweden. His custom drum grooves are an integral part of the High Road Easy sound.

Stefan Wurz is a professional composer / arranger / musician and contributes keyboards to HRE.
Tom Lichtenwalter is a photographer/videographer & founder of Red  Throne International Photography with Andrea Lucero of Thru Andi’s  Lens.
Tom often travels to the USA to collaborate with Andrea. High Road Easy was lucky enough to use some of his pictures for the new album “III”.

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